Write Effective Campaign Plans

Plan your path to campaign success from tactics to goal.

A plan is key to achieving any goal, but writing a plan for something as complex as an environment campaign isn’t easy. Where do you even start?

Write Effective Campaign Plans helps you break down the complexity to plan your path to campaign success.

Adding strategy to hope

Campaigns without a plan run random actions and events and hope something works. Hope is powerful, but it doesn’t last. You need something more tangible on your side.

A plan adds strategy to hope.

Campaigns with a plan only run actions and events that help achieve their goal. Working to a campaign plan removes wasted effort.

Planning saves time

With so much going on just deciding what to do next can be a challenge - hold a rally, run a webinar, meet community leaders... It’s tempting to think you don’t have time to plan.

But time spent planning is time well spent. Don't know what to do next? Consult your campaign plan. Unsure if an activity is a good use of your time? Consult your campaign plan.

Whether starting a new campaign or rebooting an existing campaign, planning saves time.

Plan your path to campaign success from tactics to goal.

No knowledge or experience required!

Here’s what you’ll learn

Write Effective Campaign Plans walks you through the planning process from researching the issue and meeting your stakeholders to developing solutions people actively support. You see how to make your plan flexible to quickly respond to changing circumstances.

To make learning easy the course follows two campaigns as they write their plans – an advocacy campaign to stop a development and a behaviour change campaign to reduce public littering. You will find your campaign has many similarities with these examples no matter what you are campaigning to achieve.

Packed with ideas and resources to use when planning and running your campaign, Write Effective Campaign Plans shows you the crucial elements of a campaign plan and the mistakes to avoid.

Course Modules

At the end of each module you will be able to:

01 Getting Started

Use a simple approach to running effective environment campaigns (with course tips). Open access.

02 Campaign Planning Made Easy

Use our 9 Step Guide to Writing Effective Campaign Plans and know how to manage and update your plan.

03 Research For Environment Campaigns

Master research skills to use throughout your campaign.

04 Understanding Environment Issues

Investigate the issue you are campaigning to remedy.

05 Meeting Campaign Stakeholders

Learn about (and from) the people, groups and organisations affected by the issue and/or your campaign.

06 Understanding Campaign Solutions

Develop effective solutions to the environment issue you are campaigning to remedy.

07 Making a Campaign Assessment

Evaluate your research findings to make informed planning decisions.

08 Setting a Campaign Goal and Strategy

Set your campaign goal (what you want to achieve) and strategy (how you will achieve it).

09 Identifying Campaign Targets and Audiences

Identify targets with the power to decide and audiences that can make a difference.

10 Developing Campaign Objectives

Develop the objectives needed to achieve your goal.

11 Tactics, Action Plans and Measuring Progress

Plan the actions and events to achieve your objectives.

Course Resources

Write Effective Campaign Plans comes with resources to use when planning and running your campaign:

Example Plans

The complete plans for the example campaigns followed in the course.

Research Prompts

Ideas for investigating the issue and your stakeholders, solutions and campaign.

Planning Tools

Guides and examples to help you write your plan.

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