Learn to run effective environment campaigns and protect the special places you love.

Nature Under Attack

Natural areas, wildlife, communities and local businesses are collapsing under the strain of unchecked development, uncaring government and a society unaware that healthy people need a healthy environment. But there’s good news – around the world people like you are campaigning for change.

People Taking Action

At Silent Reef we show you how to run effective environment campaigns – Campaigns to stop destructive developments … Campaigns to save wildlife from extinction … Campaigns to protect the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath … Campaigns to protect our special places.

Anyone Can Run A Campaign

The days of hoping someone will do something are over. Now when you want to protect the environment you do it yourself. Silent Reef shows you how.

Professional Campaigners

You may have business experience or a science degree but campaigning is a whole new ball game - no one told you it would be like this!

Concerned Citizens

A major development threatens to rip your community and business apart - your back is against the wall and the government doesn't care.

Passionate Individuals

You are fed up with environment destruction in the name of corporate profit - you simply want to make a difference.

Environment Campaign Planning Course

Environment campaigns are as complex as the issues they work to remedy.

Courses in Silent Reef’s Run Effective Environment Campaigns online training program unravel the complexity to take your campaign skills to the next level.

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What Are You Campaigning For?

Silent Reef explores two broad environment campaign strategies. Your campaign may use elements of both.


Works to demonstrate public support for a cause. Typical advocacy campaign goals are to stop a development, create a national park and ban a toxic chemical.

Behaviour change

Works to change people's behaviours that damage the environment. Typical behaviour change campaign goals are to stop public littering, stop sea turtle egg collecting and reduce consumption of shark fin soup.

Protect your natural areas, wildlife, community and local businesses with Silent Reef.


Read how-to campaign advice on planning, communications, building support, running actions and events and more.

Campaign Library

Browse a growing collection of free resources that help you campaign smarter.


Take your campaign skills to the next level with our groundbreaking online courses.


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Your passion plus our experience makes your campaign an unstoppable force for nature.