COURSES: Can I view courses before enrolling?


Silent Reef Campaign Library members can explore our course area and complete the first module of each course. Claim your free membership by downloading any resource from our Campaign Library.

Navigate to the course area by clicking 'Course List' under the blue ‘Courses’ button in the main menu using your library password to log in.

COURSES: Are there additional or ongoing fees?


Not one.


COURSES: Is content kept up to date?


Silent Reef courses are regularly updated and you have full access to all updates for every course you are enrolled in.

This is a great deal considering how rapidly campaign activities and technologies change in today's fast-moving world.

So you can pay less for a book that is out of date before it is published or make a one-off investment in a learning resource that is still current years from now.

COURSES: How does the 14 day refund work?

If you are unhappy with your course let us know within 14 days for a full refund no questions asked (though your feedback is appreciated).

COURSES: How are courses delivered?

Currently, course content is written text. There are two reasons for using this format.

First, video-based courses are impossible to quickly update to the latest campaign strategies, activities and technology. You need the most current information to campaign effectively and it's our job to make sure that you have it.

Second, many of our students live in remote areas with slow download speeds placing online video out of their reach. Buffering is the enemy of learning.

Despite these challenges we plan to add different delivery methods to our courses in the future. Naturally, as an existing student you have full access to all course updates.

Lastly, don't imagine our courses consist of endless pages of dull text. In short, easy to understand lessons we tell you what you need to know and nothing more. Environment issues are complex. Our courses are not.

COURSES: What is the publication schedule?

Expected course publication dates are as follows:

Write Effective Campaign Plans - Available now!
Communicate Effective Campaign Messages - Available now!
Build Campaign Support Online - Oct 2021
Organise Campaign Actions and Events - Apr 2022

Existing course students will have an opportunity to purchase newly published courses at the multi-course discount rate.

COURSES: How do I get an invoice?

If you paid GST/VAT on your course purchase you will receive a tax invoice 15 days after enrolling.

If you did not pay GST/VAT on your course purchase you can receive an invoice 15 days after enrolling on request.

How do I log out?

Log out of the library and courses by clicking ‘Logout’ under the blue ‘Courses’ button in the main menu.

Library members can explore the course area and take the first module of each course by clicking ‘Course List’ under the blue ‘Courses’ button in the main menu. Make this menu visible by logging in to the course area using your library password.

My campaign isn't about the environment - can Silent Reef help?


Silent Reef's unique environment flavour comes from the real campaign examples that bring our content to life, but our campaign training and tools are relevant no matter what you are campaigning to achieve, from racial equality and gender equality to poverty reduction and human rights.

And when Silent Reef talks about protecting the environment we don't only mean protecting wildlife and wild places for their own sake. We also mean protecting people, communities and local businesses.

Is Silent Reef just about protecting the ocean?

Don't be misled by our name - Silent Reef helps you protect environments on land and at sea.

Our campaign training and tools are what you need whether you are campaigning to protect a farm or a coral reef, a forest or a beach, a town block or the open ocean.

Silent Reef started life as a marine conservation project but soon migrated to the land. And like other creatures that have moved from sea to shore we kept some of our marine features, including our name. We tried many new names when we first made landfall but eventually stayed with Silent Reef. It just feels right.

Is logging good for forests and fishing good for reefs?

Yes, in the same way that junk food is good for you.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Drop us a line through our contact form.