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Welcome to Silent Reef, home of campaign training and tools for new and experienced environmental activists.

My name is Dave Roe, and I started Silent Reef after years working in the environment nonprofit sector. Time and again I heard people’s stories of environment issues harming their lives and livelihoods. They wanted to stop these issues but didn’t know how. Enter Silent Reef.

Who can be an environmental activist?

Silent Reef is for anyone who has ever asked the question, How do I become an environmental activist? including:

  • Professional campaigners working or volunteering for an environment nonprofit organisation
  • Concerned citizens whose home, community, business or income is threatened by an environment issue
  • Passionate individuals who cannot stand by and watch while wildlife and wild places are destroyed

How can Silent Reef help me become an environmental activist?

You can access our campaign training and tools through our blog, library and online courses:

Silent Reef Blog

Our blog articles answer your campaign questions and solve your campaign problems. Here you will find articles on campaign planning, campaign communications, campaign tactics, campaign strategy and more.

Here are some our most popular articles that may interest you:

How to Plan a Campaign: A Step-By-Step Guide

5 Stages of an Effective Environmental Advocacy Campaign

5 Campaign Tactics to Protect the Environment (you can use right now)

Silent Reef Campaign Library

Our Campaign Library houses more detailed campaign training content than our blog. Here you can also download tools to use in your campaign.

To claim your free library membership simply download any library resource.

Here are some of our most popular library publications that may interest you:

Calling in the Experts: The environment campaigner’s guide to recruiting and working with technical advisors (ebook)

Overcoming Issue Benefits – 5 actions when the environment issue you’re campaigning against benefits people you need supporting your campaign (how-to guide)

Silent Reef online courses

Ready to take your campaign skills to the next level? Silent Reef online courses get you there.

You can start a course at any time, study at your own pace and return as often as you like for a refresher or inspiration.

Here’s our course promise:

We won’t bog you down in detail or baffle you with abstract theories. We simply tell you what works and how to do it. In plain language.

Currently we have 2 courses to choose from:

Write Effective Campaign Plans – Plan your path to campaign success from tactics to goal

Communicate Effective Campaign Messages – Develop and deliver campaign messages that turn a passive public into active supporters

Bonus – Get a 15% discount when you enrol in both courses.

Free course preview!

You can complete the first module of any Silent Reef course for free. Here’s how:

Silent Reef Campaign Library members – Click on the Getting Started link of your preferred course and log in using your Campaign Library password:

C1-Write Effective Campaign Plans > Getting Started (Open Access)

C2-Communicate Effective Campaign Messages > Getting Started (Open Access)

If after logging in you are not taken to the Getting Started (Open Access) module come back here and click on the link again.

Non-members – Claim your free library membership by downloading any resource from our Campaign Library. Then follow the instructions for members.

Sounds good! How do I stay in touch?

Easy – either subscribe or download any campaign training resource from our library (free membership).

And if you can’t find what you need, or you have a great idea for a new resource, or you would like to help other activists by writing about your experiences as an environment campaigner, drop me a line through our contact form.

Thank you for visiting Silent Reef. We look forward to helping you become a more effective environmental activist.