Silent Reef trains new and experienced campaigners to run effective environment campaigns on land and at sea.

Silent Reef founder and course author David Roe tags a nesting sea turtle on Milman Island, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia.
Silent Reef founder and course author David Roe.

Environments and communities around the world are staggering under an avalanche of impacts. Most people close their eyes to the destruction and carry on as if nothing is wrong.

Others cannot so easily look away.

If you cannot look away – if you’re determined to protect the special places you love or you refuse to let them get away with it – Silent Reef can help.

Our campaign training and tools are built on two principles:

1. Keep it simple – Environment issues are complex. Environment campaigns are complex. Our content is never complex. In plain language we clearly explain what is going on and what you can do about it.

2. Make it global – This principle works on two levels. First, our training and tools work for any environment campaign – you can even use them for non-environment campaigns, such as racial equality, gender equality, poverty reduction and animal rights. Second, our training and tools work for campaigns run anywhere in the world.

Silent Reef founder and course author David Roe has been protecting the environment since 2006. He has campaigned for new marine parks, lobbied to protect threatened sharks and worked with remote communities to reduce non-traditional sea turtle and dugong hunting.

Dave is an experienced trainer and author of several popular environment education programs, including Aware Shark Conservation (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and Dive Against Debris (Project AWARE). Both courses are taught by PADI dive instructors worldwide.

Now Dave is sharing his experience to help you protect the environment on land and at sea.

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