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Naming an Organisation Checks

A good organisation name brings a real boost to a campaign. A poor organisation name brings nothing but problems. These 9 checks help you get your organisation name right. First time.

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Environment Campaign Glossary

A glossary of environment campaign terms with links to further information to help you campaign faster. Library membership not required.

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9 Step Campaign Planning Quick Guide (Non-Student Version)

Campaigns with a plan are always more effective than campaigns with no plan. Effective campaign plans are based on evidence and the facts. This step-by-step guide helps you quickly plan your campaign. Although written for environment campaigns you can use these same steps to plan campaigns to tackle social issues.

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Calling in the Experts: The environment campaigner’s guide to recruiting and working with technical advisors

As a passionate environment campaigner you are used to taking on big challenges. Even so, there are limits to what you can personally achieve. Fortunately, there is a simple solution when the workload gets too much or a campaign tactic requires detailed knowledge of a subject – call in the experts.

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Overcoming Issue Benefits – 5 actions when the environment issue you’re campaigning against benefits people you need supporting your campaign

Environment issues take. They take from nature, take from society and take from the economy. But for some people they also give. This handy how-to guide contains 5 actions to take when the environment issue you’re campaigning against benefits people you need supporting your campaign.

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Environment Campaign SWOT Analysis Example

Your research has uncovered a lot of information about the issue and your stakeholders. But, how do you use this information to make important decisions for your campaign? The answer is by making a SWOT analysis. To give you a head start, this handy tool contains an example SWOT analysis of a generic campaign.

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