Anyone Can Run a Campaign to Protect the Environment With Silent Reef

Running a campaign to protect the environment is not only for professional campaigners – concerned citizens and passionate individuals can also achieve great results. No matter which of these groups you belong to Silent Reef can help make your environment campaigns more effective.

Welcome to Silent Reef!

This is the first of a three-post welcome series introducing Silent Reef and exploring how we can help you run a campaign to protect the environment. The other posts in the series are:

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Environment campaigners must be masters of (or very good at) many trades, from motivating supporters and meeting with politicians to developing campaign strategy, organising events, writing compelling calls to action, gaining media coverage and much more.

Silent Reef exists to help you be a more effective environment campaigner, but who are you?

After careful thought we identified three groups of campaigner that can benefit from our how-to campaign advice:

Group 1: Professional Campaigners

You work (paid or voluntary) for an environment campaign organisation, from one of the major international groups like Greenpeace and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to local campaigns to Save Our (Wildlife, Forest, Reef, Farms, Town…).

As a professional campaigner you may be highly qualified, having completed a science degree or worked in business. But this experience – valid though it is – doesn’t come close to giving you the range of skills needed to run effective environment campaigns. You need specialist training.

Group 2: Concerned Citizens

You appreciate the environment but you don’t see yourself as an environmentalist. And you’re really not an activist.

But here’s the thing – big business or government is damaging your local environment taking your home, community, business and income down the gurgler with it.

So you have two options:

  1. Accept your fate
  2. Fight for what’s yours

Option 2 for you? Then Silent Reef can help.

Group 3: Passionate Individuals

Recognise any of these:

  • Your heart breaks when you see injured animals and ruined landscapes
  • You want to live in a fair world and this one sure don’t seem fair
  • You believe future generations should inherit a healthy planet
  • You refuse to let them get away with it

As a passionate individual you simply want to create a better world – a world where people and nature co-exist and everyone and everycritter has what they need to survive and thrive, even if that means some of us having a little less (the horror!).

The environment issue you want to run a campaign to remedy may not directly affect you but to you this is irrelevant (didn’t even cross your mind). The damage is wrong and you’re going to stop it. Silent Reef shows you how.


Silent Reef is for anyone who wants to run a campaign to protect the environment. Anyone.

Thanks for reading the first post in our welcome series. In the next post you see why effective environment campaigns do much more than ‘just’ protect nature.

But first, we would love to get to know you. Do you recognise yourself in these groups? Are you from a fourth unmentioned group? Let us know in comments below.

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David Roe

Dave is Silent Reef founder and course author.

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