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Calling in the Experts: The environment campaigner’s guide to recruiting and working with technical advisors

As a passionate environment campaigner you are used to taking on big challenges. Even so, there are limits to what you can personally achieve.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution when the workload gets too much or a campaign tactic requires detailed knowledge of a subject – call in the experts.

This Silent Reef ebook contains everything you need to successfully recruit and work with technical advisors. Chapters explore:

  • Why your campaign needs advisors and the services they provide
  • How to prepare project briefs that lead to successful recruitments
  • Where to find advisors with the skills and experience your campaign needs
  • How to run background checks to avoid advisors that could damage your campaign
  • How to manage your relationship, including when the project is complete

The information in this ebook is relevant whether you are recruiting technical advisors as volunteers or they will work for payment.

Download for free and get ready to call in the experts.