3 Easy Ways To Access Silent Reef’s Environment Campaign Advice

Read how-to campaign advice on our blog, claim your free Campaign Library membership and enrol in our groundbreaking online training courses. Raise your campaign profile by publishing your original how-to campaign articles on Silent Reef.

This final post in our welcome series shows you how to access Silent Reef’s environment campaign advice. Previous posts in the series explore who Silent Reef is for (you) and why effective environment campaigns do much more than ‘just’ protect nature.

Busy environment campaigners (and you won’t meet one who isn’t busy) have no time for activities that fail to get results. So if you want to:

  • Write effective campaign plans that get the job done
  • Create powerful campaign communications that motivate action and change behaviours
  • Harness the power of online activism and social media
  • Run actions and events that get multiple results
  • And much more (no kidding!)

then Silent Reef has what you need.

Our practical how-to campaign advice is written in plain language for new and experienced campaigners.

We keep it simple because you don’t have time for complicated.

You can access our advice through our blog, library and courses. Let’s take a closer look –

Silent Reef Blog

Articles on our blog answer your campaign questions, solve your campaign problems, review campaign tactics, discuss campaign strategy and more.

While browsing our blog, take a second to subscribe to Silent Reef for free how-to campaign advice and resources delivered to your inbox.

And our blog is a two-way street.

We want to publish your original how-to campaign articles. We even want to hear what doesn’t work.

Writing for Silent Reef raises your profile as a campaigner (we only publish the best articles) and takes your campaign to a new audience. Plus you have the satisfaction of helping other campaigners.

Silent Reef Campaign Library

Here you can find more detailed how-to campaign advice and tools to use in your campaign:

  • How-to Guides – Campaigning made simple
  • Briefing Sheets – Key campaign topic overviews
  • Ebooks – Key campaign topics in detail
  • Tools – Practical campaign resources

Claim your free library membership by downloading any resource from our Campaign Library.

Silent Reef Online Courses

Ready to take your campaign skills to the next level? Courses in our Run Effective Environment Campaigns online training program get you there.

Courses can be taken in any order. Simply choose the course or courses that best match your needs:

  • Write Effective Campaign Plans – Plan your path to campaign success from tactics to goal
  • Communicate Effective Campaign Messages – Develop and deliver campaign messages that turn a passive public into active supporters
  • Build Campaign Support Online – Engage supporters and reach new audiences with your website, blog, email and social media
  • Organise Campaign Actions and Events – Run campaign activities that attract new supporters, change behaviours and pressure targets

Our courses are suitable for new and experienced campaigners. You can start a course at any time, study at your own pace and return as often as you like for a refresher and inspiration.

Here’s our course promise:

We won’t bog you down in detail or baffle you with abstract theories. We simply tell you what works and how to do it. In plain language.

Write Effective Campaign Plans and Communicate Effective Campaign Messages are available now. For expected publication dates for other courses see our FAQs.

Free course preview!

Campaign Library members can complete the first module of Silent Reef courses. Here’s how:

Existing members – Click on the Getting Started link of your preferred course (below) and log in using the same email and password you use to log in to our Campaign Library:

C1-Write Effective Campaign Plans > Getting Started (Open Access)

C2-Communicate Effective Campaign Messages > Getting Started (Open Access)

If after logging in you are not taken to the Getting Started (Open Access) module come back here and click on the link again.

Non-members – Claim your free library membership by downloading any resource from our Campaign Library. Then follow the instructions for existing members (above).

To gain access to all course modules and resources enroll in Write Effective Campaign Plans or Communicate Effective Campaign Messages. Bonus – Get a 15% discount when you enrol in both courses!

No matter what stage your campaign is at and no matter how much (or how little) experience you have, Silent Reef provides the how-to campaign advice you need.


You can access Silent Reef’s how-to campaign advice 3 ways – read our blog, join our library or enrol in a course. Better still, do all 3 and gain campaign superpowers!

Hey, before you start exploring our site tell us in comments what you need to help run your campaign. We will add the best ideas to our list and give you and your campaign a name check when your idea is published.

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