Silent Reef's online campaign training courses

Courses can be taken in any order. Simply choose the course or courses that best match your needs.

Passion is a weak force against a business and political system determined to "develop" nature off the planet.

Campaigners must be multi-skilled – meet a politician, develop campaign strategy, organise an event, write a call to action, give a TV interview. And that’s just one day!

Yet few campaigners have the benefit of campaign training. If campaigning is tough for professional campaigners it’s harder for concerned citizens protecting their livelihoods and passionate individuals fighting to make a difference.

Until now, environment campaign training courses have been hard to find. Silent Reef has filled this gap with four groundbreaking online courses.

Suitable for new and experienced campaigners, these courses are for anyone who refuses to stand by and watch while their natural areas, wildlife, communities and local businesses are destroyed.